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Finding a lawyer is a rather complicated and responsible thing. A lawyer usually becomes needed, usually suddenly and urgently.

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Tip #1 – See a generalist. In general, the concept of lawyer specialization is a thing invented to advertise lawyers whose qualifications are in doubt. This is beneficial for those lawyers who do not have great knowledge in jurisprudence, who do not follow innovations in laws.

Of course, it is much easier to understand one branch of law, say tax or criminal law. Incompetence is what lies behind the notion of a lawyer’s specialization in a particular area. In reality, it is rarely possible to distinguish between branches of law. A good lawyer should know and be able to do everything, because you never know what turn the case under consideration may take. Think for yourself, when passing exams at the High Qualification Commission for the status of a lawyer, exams are held in all branches of law, and not in any particular branch. Upon receiving a certificate of the right to engage in advocacy, a lawyer automatically becomes a “generalist” specialist.

Tip #2 – A lawyer should express his thoughts clearly and competently and be pleasant to you.

It is good if the lawyer is pleasant to you, because you will work with him for a long time. The appearance of a lawyer must be impeccable. If a lawyer is neat, then he will handle your case just as neatly. A lawyer is your face in court and in other law enforcement agencies.

It is very important that the lawyer is fluent in the state language.
It is also important how the lawyer writes, a poorly drafted document with errors can make a negative impression on the judge or official, which will affect you.
Only an insurance policy can give a 100% guarantee, as Ostap Bender says.

Council number 3. Do not hire a lawyer who promises a 100% guarantee to win your case and says that it is trivial. Of course, in lawyer practice there are cases when it is immediately clear that the case is winning, but there is always the possibility of an unplanned course of events. Your case depends not only on a lawyer, it will be decided by a court or an official. A lawyer cannot guarantee you that, for example, a judge will not quarrel with his wife before work, will not get stuck in a traffic jam, or may reveal circumstances that you yourself did not know about. To all of the above, I will add that it is generally prohibited by law to give guarantees to a lawyer according to the code of professional ethics of a lawyer “a lawyer should refrain from entering into an agreement on a fee, in which the payment of remuneration is made dependent on the completion of the case in favor of the principal.”

The only thing a lawyer can promise you is competent, conscientious legal assistance.

I want a cheaper lawyer or free cheese only in a mousetrap

Tip #4 – Only deal with a lawyer who requires payment up front. Do not work with a lawyer who agrees to receive money after winning. From the point of view of the law, a lawyer is a legal service, and services are consumed at the time they are received. You are provided with a service that you immediately consume. Find at least one doctor who will agree to take the money only if you recover. You pay specifically for the fact that you are being treated.

By agreeing to receive a fee only after winning the case, the lawyer can easily lose it, because he is not bound by any obligations with you. And if, for example, the case is lost, then it turns out that all the time spent by the lawyer is worth nothing. Do you need such a lawyer? People need to get used to the idea that nothing good can be cheap. You have to pay a lawyer for advice and legal assistance. There are also unwritten rules for paying for a lawyer’s services, if the case is related to something that has a specific price (property, money, securities), then the lawyer’s services should not cost less than 3-10% of this amount

A lawyer must know everything!

Council number 5. There is an opinion that a good specialist knows everything, this is true everywhere except for jurisprudence! A good lawyer – the lawyer does not hesitate to look into the codes, follow the innovations and amendments, because the lawyer must compare your problem with the law. Any problem with which a person came is individual and every word you say must be verified with the law. In this case, you can count on qualified advice.

Tip #6 Education Prestigious education in a European school is good, but not a guarantee of success. In any place there are those who study and those who need a crust, which they then obsessively advertise to their customers. It is not important. But what you should definitely pay attention to: every practicing lawyer is listed in the register of lawyers.

Therefore, if you do not find information about the chosen lawyer, then you have come across a scammer or an ordinary lawyer who calls himself a lawyer. And in general, if you do not trust a lawyer and doubt his competence, then immediately ask for a lawyer’s certificate, any lawyer is proud of him and will gladly show it to you.

Tip #7 Age.

Remember: The most productive age for a lawyer is between 30 and 45 years old. This profession requires experience, knowledge and energy. Young people have no experience, and energy dries up with age. The services of a lawyer are associated with his material and mental and physical costs. The working day of a lawyer is not standardized. The lawyer works in the evening (night) and on weekends and holidays. The lawyer constantly seeks to be heard, to accept his position in the case in which he is engaged.

Search for a lawyer

Tip #7 Experience It takes at least 10 years to become a competent and self-confident specialist. Otherwise, there is a risk that a novice lawyer will learn from your case.

Council number 8. Do not lie to your lawyer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and unforeseen turns in the case. People tend to embellish reality and downplay their not-so-right actions. Don’t be under any illusions the truth will either come out in the process of preparing your lawyer for trial or your lawyer will face great difficulties in the process.

Tip #8. Don’t forget the Success Fee. This is a certain amount paid in case of winning the case. This serves as an additional motivation for the lawyer


A good lawyer, first of all, cares about his reputation. Supports and accumulates
Do not take on a case in which there are no prospects.
He will not talk about his affairs, especially in detail, because there is the concept of attorney-client privilege
A good lawyer will usually provide an initial telephone consultation free of charge. During the conversation, you can ask questions that interest you, and add up your first impression of the lawyer.